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Special Issue on BioIPPF-2015



National Conference on   

“Biodiversity of India: Past, Present and Future: 2015” 

Sponsored by 

University Grants Commission 

Organised by 

Department of Zoology, 

New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar


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1. Taxonomy and Diversity of Damselflies (Zygoptera) from Daund Tehshil Pune

    District (Maharashtra: India) 

   Amol Sonawane and Abhay Khandagale

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2. An Assessment of Physico-Chemical Characteristic to Study the Pollution

   Potential of Mula Reservior, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India 

   Sayed Zarin Sana A.R and Sandhya Jadhav  

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3. A Study on Biochemical Composition in Selected Tissues of Freshwater Bivalve

   Lamellidens Marginalis from Godavari River at Paithan

  Pardeshi P.B. 

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4. Habitat Dependent Variations in The Rate of Oxygen Consumption, Rate of

  Ammonia Excretion and O: N Ratio of Freshwater Bivalve, Lamellidens

  marginalis From Lotic and Lentic Water of Godavari River at Paithan, During


  P. Ramanlal Gugale, A.N. Vedpathak and M.S. Salve

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5. Fish Biodiversity of Nathsagar Wetland from District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra,


   R.R. Dandawate and R.S. Lonkar

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6. Biochemical characterisation of Xanthomonas anonopodis pv. citri for

   identification of Citrus canker disease 

   Prerana B. Abhang, M.V. Totawar and Rahul Kadam 

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7. Pattern of Chitin Deposition in The Integument of Fifth Instar Larvae of

   Silkworm, Bombyx mori (L) (PM x CSR2) Treated with Acetone Solution of

   Selected Monoterpene Compounds and Fernasol Methyl Ether (Fme).

   Vitthalrao B. Khyade, Sivani C. Bhosale, Vishakha R. Kakade and Jiwan P. 


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8. Fish Fauna of Mula River at Mula Dam Reservoir, Rahuri (M.S.), India 

   Mahesh S. Aher and Prajakta A. Sonawane

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9. Eimeria praecox (Johnson 1930) from Broiler chicken in Aurangabad District

   Bhimrao N. Jadhav

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10. Evaluation of Lycopene Contents from Various Fruits and Processed Food

   Dhembare A.J. and S.L. Kakad 

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11. Bacteria from Vermicompost and Their Role in Vermicomposting

   Shrihari Ashok Pingle

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12. Fluctuation in Ascorbic Acid Content Form Different Body Parts Of Fresh

   Water Bivalve, Lamellidens marginalis Due To Neuro-Endocrine Manipulation

   During Summer Season

   Wagh D.T., A.N. Vedpathak and S.G. Suryawanshi

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13. Effects of Vedic Mantras on Plants

   Jayant K. Kshirsagar and Vaishali Ekbote

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14. Evaluation of Azadirachta indica (V) Wild Plants Extracts for Their Potential

   Use as Biopesticides on Different Pests of Tomato

   Sayyad N.R.

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15. Effect of microwave treatment on bioactive compounds of Spinacia oleracea

    ( spinach) and Anethum graveolons( dill) leaves.

    Surekha Chavana and Snehal Gagare

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16. Study of Neurosecretion in Davainea Shindei N Sp from Gallus Domesticus at

    Vaijapur Dist Aurangabad (M.S.India).

    Thorat B.S. 

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17. Protective role of L-ascorbic acid on dichlorovos induced alterations in the

    protein contents of the fresh water bivalve, Parreysia cylindrical

    Tambe R.S and P.D. Pulate 

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18. Assessment of contraceptive methods and substitution with plant products.  

    Asha Kadam and B.M. Gaykar 

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19. Butterflies of Nandur Madhmeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra (India):

     Part – I

     Sudhakar Kurhade and Prashant Wagh

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20. Biodiversity of Fresh Water Bivalves from Girna Lake, Jamda, District Jalgaon,


    R. D. Gawali and S.P Zambare

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21. Diversity of fishes of Dimbhe Dam, Ghodegaon, part of Northern Western

     Ghats (M.S.), India 

     Theurkar S.V., Pawar R.M., Shinde G.M. and Jadhav S.S. 

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22. Taxonomy and Diversity of Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Fabricius, 1798)

     (Zygoptera) of Pune District (Maharashtra: India)

     Amol Sonawane and Abhay Khandagale

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23. Diversity and Abundance of Zooplankton in Sukhna Reservoir from

     Aurangabad District, Maharashtra.

    Ananta D. Harkal, Gajanan K. Sontakke and Satish S. Mokashe 

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24. Influence of Integrated Nutrient Management on the Growth, Yield and Nutrient Uptake on Sugarcane.

     Darandale V.E.

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25. Studies on Protein Profile in Freshwater Crab, Barytelphusa Cunicularis during the Reproductive Cycle

     Ghorpade B.R.

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26. Study of Biodiversity of Aphids in and Around Ahmednagar

     Pawar S. L.

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27. Study of Bioaccumulation of Toxic Metals in Tissues of Cirrhina Mrigala from  Godavari River, at Nathsagar Dam, Maharashtra

     Shaikh M. J. 

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28. Vernonia cinerea (L.) Less. Var. cinerea, an Antifungal Weed Species of

     Asteraceae Family. 

    Kadlag S.D , Zaware B.N and Londhe A.B.

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29. Climate Change and Its Impact on Plant Diversity

     Patil C.S.

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30. Photoperiodic modulations of the fertility of Drosophila biarmipes.

    Shamim Ahmed Malik

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31. Insect Fauna in Fresh Water Reservoir from Pathardi Tahasil of Ahmednagar

     District, (MS) India.  

    B.B. Tilekar and S.R. Wagh

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32. Selected Abstracts 

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