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     (Print ISSN 2395-1265, E-ISSN 2454-1931)


Dr. Pawan J. Tambade

M.Sc. Ph.D.   




Dr. Pravin M. Nalawade 

M.Sc. Ph.D. 


Editorial Board

Dr. Hari Narayan Pati    

Advinus Therapeutics Ltd  


Specialization: Multistep Organic Synthesis       

Dr. Arjun Bhosale,   

Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded, Maharashtra, India.  

Specialization: Environmental Monitoring

Dr. N.C. Ujjaina

Department of Aquatic Biology

Veer Narmad South Gujarath University

Surat, Gujarath

Specialization: Aquatic Biology


Dr. Pravin C. Patil

Postdoctoral Research Associate,

Department of Chemistry,

University of Louisville, KY, USA

Specialization: Organic Synthesis


Dr. Smt. J.N. Bandal 

Department of Microbiology, 

K. T. H. M. College, Nashik. Maharashtra, India  

Specialization: Microbiology


Dr. Yogesh P. Patil  

Manager, Research Scientist,  

Reliance Industry Limited, Mumbai, India 

Specialization: Catalysis  

Dr. Somnath Waghmare  

Department of Zoology  

Nowrossjee Wadia College, Pune  

Spetcialization: Parasitology

Dr. Sujata Magdum   

Department of Zoology,  

K. T. H. M. College, Nashik,  Maharashtra, India.  

Specialization: Zoology 


Dr. Rajendra C. Pawar,   

Hanyang University, ERICA Campus, Ansan, South Korea.  

Specialization: Solar cells, Photo catalysis, Sensors  

Dr. S. Arivoli,   

Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India  

Specialization: Medical laboratory technology, Aquatic entomology, Mosquito/vector biology, botanicals/biopesticides in mosquito/vector control  

Dr. Rupesh H. Gaikwad 

Department of Chemistry, 

MD College, Parel, Mumbai 

Specialization: Separation Science and Nuclear Chemistry 


Dr. Dinesh Nanaji Sawant  

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, Saudi Arebia.  

Specialization: Coupling Reactions  

Prof. Chetan P. Shirore,  

Department of Mathematics,  

K. T. H. M. College, Nashik,  Maharashtra, India.  

Specialization: Mathematics  

Dr. K.C.Takale

Department of Mathematics

R.N.C. Arts, J.D.B. Comm. and N.S.C. Sci. College,  

Nashik Road 

Specialization: Mathematics  

Dr. Pramod N. Kamble 

Department of Environmental Science 

PVP College, Pravaranagar (Loni), Maharashtra, India 

Specialization: Soil Ecology 

Dr. Kedar R. Solunke 

Department of Environmental Science, 

Indira Gandhi College, CIDCO, Nanded 

Specialization: Groundwater  

Dr. K. A. Srinivas  

Ontario, Canada 

Specialization: Multistep Organic Synthesis  

Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Deshmukh  

Shri Shivaji College, Akola, (M.S.) INDIA  

Specialization: Carbohydrate Chemistry   

Dr. Yogesh T. Chimankar  

Vice-President, Technical Sales, M/S. Lime Chemicals Ltd, Mumbai.  

Specialization: Polymer Science R Technology, Minerals  

Dr. D.C. Jhariya,   

Department of Applied Geology, National Institute of Technology, Raipur, Chattisgarh.  

Specialization: Hydrogeology   

Dr. Yogesh S. Wagh  

WPI-Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.  

Specialization: Transition Metal Chemistry  

Prof. Bharat L. Gadakh,   

Department of Geography, KTHM College, Nashik ,   

Specialization: Urban Geography, RSGIS   

Dr. Anand Patil,   

Department of Geography, Chh. Shivaji College, Satara, Maharashtra, India.  

Specialization: Physical Geography & Ground Water Monitoring   

Dr. R. Raveen,   

Madras Christian College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  

Specialization:Cardiac anatomy, Environment biology and Vector biology and control  

Dr Archana Srivastava,  

D.G.(P.G) COLLEGE KANPUR, Uttar Pradesh, India  


Dr. Samual Tannyson,  

Madras Christian College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  

Specialization: Mosquito/vector biology, botanicals/biopesticides in mosquito/vector control and Toxicology   

Dr. M.V. Suryawanshi,   

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India  

Specialization: Soil Sciences and Physical Geography 

Dr. Ravi S. Balaskar,

Department of Chemistry, 

Pratap College, Amalner, Maharashtra, India

Specialization: Catalysis,  


Dr. Allen J. Freddy,

Department of Zoology,

Madras Christian College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  

Specialization:Cancer Biology  

Dr. M. Sakthivadivel,   

Research Scientist,

Department of Virology, King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  

Specialization: Botany, Phytochemistry, Vector biology and control 

Dr. Daniel Mize,  

Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Doimukh, 

Arunachal Pradesh, India.   

Specialization: Ecology and Environment    


Dr. Naina Srivastava,   

D.A.V.(P.G) College Dehradun,   

Uttara Khand, India  

Specialization: Plant Physiology   




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